1. Getting started:
  • Do my attendees and presenters need to have a VirCast account in order to join my event?

    •     No. You can invite anybody to your event. All they need is a link to your VirCast meeting room
  • What are the software requirements to run VirCast?

  •     VirCast works on all platforms with Flash Player 10 (or above) installed. It will run on any of the popular browsers such as Firefox, IE or Chrome.
  • Will VirCast work on a Mac? Do you support Mac documents for presentations?

    • Yes, VirCast is compatible with Mac. Mac documents that use extensions such as .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .png etc. are compatible with Windows files using the same extensions and can be used in VirCast without any problems. If you have different files that you would like to use and they cannot be uploaded to the library, you will have to convert them to one of the recognized formats.
2. Billing:
  • How can I pay for VirCast?

    • We accept PayPal and the three major credit cards - VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
  • How do I change my billing details?

    • Simply contact us at Our Global Support Desk CLICK HERE or call us at888-944-6447
  • Where can I see which payment plan I am on?

    • To view your current plan details, log into your account and go to the MEMBERSHIP section.
  • How can I upgrade my VirCast plan?

    • You can upgrade your plan at any time. Just go to MEMBERSHIP and click the Upgrade button
  • My account has expired. How do I restore it?

    • If we are not able to process the recurring payment for your account, you will not be able to run any meetings. You will be able to use your account again as soon as the new billing details are successfully entered. If you canít access your account, just contact Support and we will help you out.
3. Getting ready for the event:
  • How to prepare for an event?

    • We offer important tips to help you prepare for a successful event. Click here to watch
  • How to schedule an event.

    • Choose the Schedule tab from the main menu. There you can choose to schedule a meeting by clicking Host a Meeting or Schedule a Webinar on the right hand side of the screen.

      You can choose to start the meeting instantly or set it up for a later time. In the newly opened window, you can adjust the settings for this event.

      Now you can assign a name to your event, add some information to the waiting room area and any information youíd like to appear in the room and when the invitations are sent. And, of course, you can create a password for your room, specify when the event should take place and how long it should last. You can also protect your event with individually assigned tokens that your attendees will need to provide when logging in (tokens are sent to them in the invitations).

      If you enable registration for your event, you will know in advance how many people want to take part and capture any additional information you need. Simply go to the Registration tab and choose which details you require for registration. You can also provide a URL where they will be redirected after the registration is completed.

    • We have also added a public calendar system that you can add your event to increase attendance Click Here To View Our Calendar
  • How do I invite attendees to my event?

    • Once you have created your webinar room and session, you will be given a special event link that you can share with anyone to invite through Facebook, Twiiter or your favorite autoresponder list.
    • You may also use our "Webianar Inviter Tool" allowing you to pull information from your address book, csv files or manually adding emails.
  • Can I customize the messages sent from VirCast?

    • Yes. We believe flexibility and branding is important to you.
  • Is it possible to limit access to the meeting room to those who have the password?

    • Yes, you can create password protected meeting rooms so that only the participants who have the password would be able to join.
  • How do I customize the meeting room with my own colors and logo?

    • You can customize every room with your own logo and/or color themes. To do this, log into your account and click Personalize your meetings and choose the room. If you personalize your default room, all newly created rooms will look like that. To give your room a custom look, just click on the elements presented in the window. You can also customize your personal website here.
  • How do I reschedule an event?

    • You can reschedule the meeting at any time. Just go to SCHEDULED in the menu bar and click edit details. Here you can adjust the time and other settings of your meeting. We recommend emailing those participants that registered as well
  • How do I resend an invitation?

    • To resend invitations, go to 'view/edit details' and then choose if you wish to invite Presenters or Participants. Then you need to provide their email addresses (and first and last names for Presenters) and click the button to send your messages.
4. During an event:
  • How do I join a meeting or a webinar?

    • Everybody can access an event if they have the URL for the room where it will take place. Simply paste it into your browser address bar and you will be taken to the room.

      If you do not have this link, you can also access the event from our main site http://www.clickmeeting.com/. Click Join a Meeting and provide the ID of the event you wish to take part in.

      If you do not have this either, then the only other way you can log in is by clicking the Join button in the email received from the organizer.

  • How do I set up my camera and sound?

    • After you log into the room where the event will take place, click the settings button found on the top right of the room. You will need to click Allow in the next window to enable access to your equipment. In this window, you will choose which microphone you would like to use (if you have more than one) or may change the Microphone again. Your camera should be detected automatically, but if you have more than one, you will be prompted to choose which one ClickWebinar should use.
  • What is the maximum size of the files I can upload for an event?

    • The maximum file size you can upload for your event is 50MB
  • Can I enable video/microphone for an attendee?

    • Yes. If you only wish a person to speak and not be able to control the event, you can click, drag and drop the person's nickname into the center of room. After the person accepts, a green microphone will appear next to his/her nickname.
  • Can I change someone who entered the room from an attendee to a presenter?

    • Yes. It is possible to change the status of any attendee to presenter. Just click on the personís nickname and choose this option. The newly assigned presenter will be able to speak to everyone and share his/her presentations.
  • Can I play a video for my attendees?

    • Yes. You can play files from YouTube using the button available in the ACTIONS,
  • How can I enable or disable chat?

    • Yes. To do either, click the settings icon in the CHAT box and check or uncheck the Enable for Participants option.
  • How to end the meeting?

    • There are several ways to end a meeting. We recommend you click on "stop Room" and then disable chat
5. After an event:
  • How to send a thank you note to attendees of my meetings?

    • Simply click the ADMIN Panel, My Webinars and then select webinar participants. Here you can email on your webinar attendees
  • Can I keep track of my meeting history?

    • Your room will stay intact as long as you do not delete it