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Holding meetings online is almost a requirement for any business looking to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced economy. With affordable high-speed Internet connections, businesses now have the technology needed to easily conduct virtual webcast meetings from anywhere in the world. has taken web and video conference software a step further with a 100% web-based solution that requires NO DOWNLOADS in order to enjoy the convenience of internet meetings.  Webinars Done the Virtual Webcast, video conference software way means virtual webcast meetings are done right, done fast and done cheap. Shop us last! We will always win!



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Virtual Webcast Now offering HD broadcasting with up to 10 simultaneous streaming webcams for face-to-face collaboration.
Virtual Webcast No download required. Flash-based, secure web conferencing.
Virtual Webcast Stream your webcam while sharing your desktop using our desktop sharing application.
Virtual Webcast Flip Chart (includes whiteboard). Draw, write and import images onto the stage. Create new pages without erasing the board. Save each page (optional).
Virtual Webcast Visitor registration generates unique password for each visitor. Great for "paid for" webinars.
Virtual Webcast Built-in autoresponder allows you to schedule automatic reminder emails to registrants prior to webinar event. Also, allows you to follow up with them after the event.
Virtual Webcast Easily play Youtube videos with our Video Sharing module.
Virtual Webcast Raffle Option - Allows you to randomly select visitors (great for awarding prizes).
Virtual Webcast Hide and Show - Introduce a guest and easily remove yourself from the stage and then easily reappear any time during the webinar.
Virtual Webcast Exit Link - Assign a website page to the EXIT link so visitors are directed to a page of your choice when they leave the webinar.
Virtual Webcast BRANDING - Easily add your logo as either a JPG, GIF, PNG and SWF (for animation) and change room colors and button colors to match your website or company colors.
Virtual Webcast Ad Space - Promote products/services using the 290 x 290 ad space. Can be JPG, GIF, PNG and SWF (for animation). Advert container can be hyperlinked to any website and opens in a new window. Suggestion: sell the ad spot and earn extra revenue.
Virtual Webcast Recording Module - Record full or partial screen. Save to your computer. Upload directly to your YouTube account and set either to private or public viewing.
Virtual Webcast Social Media - Tweet directly to your Twitter account or post directly to your Facebook wall. When you want to invite your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to your webinar you can do it from within your webinar room.
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Vircast virtual webcasting is the video conference software of choice. We have recently launched a new way of distributing our reliable services. Grab our Free "How To Conduct A Proper Virtual WebCast Guide" using our video conference software.


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"Webinars are like the next best thing to being there and with Vircast's awesome duplex conversation system and pricing, it can't be beat."


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